If anyone is wondering about I am a what engineer, this 👷🏼🙄…

Not an electronic/electrical engineer at all (somehow the company has such image), has given up the title of materials engineer, even metallurgist.

Gotta go with the stereotyping of “mechanical engineer” even though my background is not mech eng. Better make it simple with “design engineer”.
Cause what I am doing is designing heat exchanger by using the theory of thermodynamics⬅️, let’s make it simple just to call it “physics”?😂 (thinking of this made me wanna go back to thermo class back in my bachelor years 🙄🙈 , meeting the GOD of thermodynamics 😂😂😂)
That’s how flexible the industry is.

Or back to the book title for easy understanding 🤔

Writing this makes me think that everyone does not even about what I am mumbling right now lols

So I”ll stop 😂😂 – at toshiba keihin product operations

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