Vocabulary For Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level 2 (N2)

My schedule for taking the JLPT N2 is June this year. I need to take until I pass level 1 before I graduate from master degree course (that is what I am planning for)

So, yesterday I borrowed this book from International Student Center of Kagoshima University.

It says 日本語能力試験語彙トレーニングN2 and costs 1,800 yen.

I plan to study for all of the structure, reading, and vocabulary. I am bad at reading Japanese article. That is why I have to train my ability of reading. At least during the spring holiday.

I practice like 17 vocabularies today including writing.

I have to study until 50 vocabs tomorrow.

Lists of vocabs


障害(しょうがい)=time during someone’s life.


人類(じんるい):human race


夫婦(ふうふ)=夫妻(ふさい)=婦人(ふじん)=husband and wife.


仕える(つかえる)= work under




視する(しする): to look for

有望(ゆうぼう): promising

才能(さいのう)乏しい(とぼしい)=lack of talent

才能(さいのう)恵まれる(めぐまれる)=blessed by talent

I just use my wordpress to take notes too (sometimes) 😀

so, I will write again about Japanese Language.

See ya!


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