How does Japanese College Student Learn?

I have another two months before I go study abroad to Japan and I am selecting some subjects that I am going to take in my Japanese university. I am considering the subject’s content, grading, and reference book.

Since I got scholarship for a year to finish my bachelor degree, I think I can not use the money randomly. That’s why I thought I’d better choose subjects which don’t really need books. I’m thinking about searching materials from internet or lecturer’s print-out.

I’ve been told that I can have cheap books from Someone said that Japanese text book is so expensive and I am taking 15 subjects this far, so I need to save money.

Since I am going to attend lectures in Japanese, I need to pay attention 100 times than I used to be. This is really important cause I am dead if I don’t get what they’re talking about. LOL

My professor already warned me that after class, I will have 6 hours every night studying outside class and I am going to do my research everyday in university’s laboratory and once every two weeks out of town.

I need to have good grades to graduate. I am sure this is going to be though. So, I want to ask Japanese college students or foreigner who has been studying in Japan about how you guys study.

In my mind, Japanese students are smart and diligent. So, I want to compete at least for going into the same level.

To be honest, I’d better use English in my lecture, because I sometimes do it in my former university, but since it will be Japanese, how should I study?
is it always from reading text books, teacher’s print-out, or from taking notes?

I think I need to ask my classmates too, but I don’t have it now. Kinda worry whether I will get friends there or not. LOL

Thanks for reading 🙂

by the way, this is my syllabus..LOL


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