3D movies at the end of 2010

One hour ago, I just came back from cinema. I watched TRON LEGACY today, and unfortunately it wasn’t in 3D.

I should watch it last week, but I was pretty busy with uni stuffs, so I decided to watch it today. Well, the cinema which is near my house has their playing in 3D for TRON LEGACY but I missed it. The nearest place is the cinema near my uni. So, I went there and watched it.

Here is the official trailer from Youtube.

They said it is the best 3D movie in 2010.

Well, actually I really like the concept, about entering game, etc. I like the duel. The story has a nice part about dad-son relationship. I wished I watched it in 3D because when they had duel with ring and all of the shiny flashy stuffs like the outfit, cars, etc and It would be much more interesting if you watch it in 3D.

I don’t really remember when was my first time watching movie in 3D.

But maybe it was “Narnia-The Voyage of Dawn Treader”. I watched it at the last play and when the movie played like 1 hour I was sleeping.

This movie was good in 3D. Especially when the water was flooding the room.

But I think the story is better in the previous movie.

Another 3D movie is Rapunzel…lol I didn’t even watch that.

Well, the last 3D movie of this year that I wanna watch is “Gulliver’s Travels” starring Jack Black.

I need comedy lately and I hope I can get that from that movie.lol

I think that’s it for my movie review. Well, I’m not good at writing movie review actually~

but I really love to watch 😉

That’s for today.

Good night, peeps. x


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